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iGaming Media Buying Services

An unrivaled media buying platform for the iGaming industry.

iGaming Media Buying Services

We offer an industry-unique media buying platform that offers access to peerless audience intelligence and behavioral insights. Our partnership with Ve Global (Ve) means that you can be more accurate and precise in your marketing activities, while reducing marketing spend and maximizing return on marketing investments.

Using this service, you will have improved audience profiling, greater personalization and targeting that programmatic offers. You will also create better customer journeys, reduce customer acquisition costs, improve retention and increases brand awareness, online.

Give your ads maximum impact

Our service will achieve this by building an in-depth but anonymized understanding of online gaming audiences, and then harness this insight to serve display advertising that is more relevant to each user.

You now have greater knowledge of your customer behavior and greater control and oversight over your campaigns, with media placed in the most advantageous space frequently accessed by your target audiences.

How it works

The partnership will pair Ve’s proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP), a technology developed for media transparency and to reduce the costs built into 3rd party platforms. By pairing the DSP with our statistical insights, the new service will also give you more control over your campaigns and the ability to continuously optimize your ads to ensure maximum impact.

The partnership between NetEnt and Ve Global is about combining a leading media buying desk platform with a unique source of iGaming data, to serve a demand from international casino operators. We look forward to continue helping our customers stay ahead of the competition by offering a solution for more efficient marketing.

Both NetEnt and Ve have also reinforced their commitment to protecting and respecting the privacy of those using their technology by adhering to stringent privacy principles in full compliance with applicable regulations.

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