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Board Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring and quality assurance of the company’s financial reporting. With regards to financial reporting, the Audit Committee monitors the efficiency of the Company’s internal controls and risk management. The Committee stays informed about the audit of interim reports, the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, reviews and monitors the auditor’s impartiality and independence and evaluates the services that the auditor provides to the company, particularly if the auditor provides the company with services other than auditing. The Committee is also responsible for the Board’s ongoing communication with the Company’s auditors, establishing guidelines for services that may
be procured by the auditors in addition to the audit, evaluation of the audit process, advising the Nominating Committee when preparing auditor proposals, and fees for the audit assignments. Furthermore, the Committee has established an annual plan for its work and an updated risk analysis for the business with a special focus on financial reporting and the link to internal controls. The Committee has also approved the auditor’s audit plan, read and evaluated the auditor’s review, evaluated the internal controls and the process improvements carried out by the company in that regard. During the year, an internal audit was performed by EY based on an earlier risk analysis. The internal audit was conducted by controlling all existing internal processes
with the aim of assuring the quality of the financial reporting. In addition, the Committee has dealt with the finance policy, the financial handbook and other policies and accounting matters, including sustainability reporting. The Audit Committee met five times during 2016 and the auditor took part in all meetings.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for matters regarding remuneration and benefits for senior executives, including the CEO, and matters of principle for all senior executives. The Board of Directors establishes guidelines for senior executive remuneration that are presented to and approved by the AGM. The guidelines for remuneration to senior executives are monitored and evaluated annually, including variable remuneration programs for the company’s management that are ongoing or ended during the year. The current remuneration policy is attached to the AGM minutes, which are available on the website. The Remuneration Committee consists of all eight Board members. The Board Chairman is the chair of the Committee. All members were independent in relation to the company except for Pontus Lindwall Lindwall, as he is Chairman of Betsson AB, which is a customer of NetEnt. However, Pontus Lindwall did not participate
in any decisions in which he could be considered biased. The Remuneration Committee met once in 2016.