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Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an important part of our foundation. As a licensed casino software provider in many jurisdictions, NetEnt ensures that all our games are developed to the highest standards and to meet the requirements that are set by regulators – with a focus on fairness, player protection, and security. All players are customers of the online casino where they play. NetEnt, as a casino software provider, has no direct relationship with the players however responsible gaming remains a driving force to maintain a sustainable business. For us, online casino gaming is about thrilling entertainment, and NetEnt wants everyone who plays our games to be over the legal age limit* and to do so for the right reason – to have fun.
*Legal age limit – 18+ except for New Jersey 21+.

Game Security, Fairness and Accreditation:

NetEnt’s platform and games, including the random number generators (RNG) used to randomly produce the game results, are tested and certified by independent accredited test facilities (ATF). They verify that our products meet all the regulations, including player protection, fairness, and security, for the regulated markets in which we operate. Current ATFs include:

As a proactive self-regulatory measure, NetEnt also undertakes annual audits to stay certified with regards to player protection, fair gaming, responsible gaming, software development and operations. The certification institutes are:

NetEnt tools for Player Protection

As part of our integration, we offer our customers the following features to help them promote responsible gaming and keep gaming fun. These functions are based upon G4 recommendations and regulatory requirements.

Self-control and self-protection tools available in the NetEnt CasinoModule™ include:

  • Self-Exclusion: Players who experience difficulties in controlling the amount of time or money they are spending on our games are strongly encouraged to contact the online casino where they have registered their account, providing their username, in order to request temporary or permanent freezing of their account. Since all authentication and authorization is controlled by the online casino operator they can effectively prevent a self-excluded player from accessing NetEnt games. NetEnt also provides API functionality that lets the online casino operator block player access to the casino for a limited time. Players should be aware that online casinos are responsible for the terms and conditions for self-exclusion, however, typically any remaining funds will remain on the players’ account, or can be manually withdrawn to the chosen payment method upon request, and no marketing material will be sent to the player during the period that their account is closed.
  • Play Limits: NetEnt provides API functionality for setting game play limits, and support for the display of in-game messages when limits have been reached. In order for these limits to apply for all games that a player is exposed to, the limits must be implemented by the online casino operator to span between NetEnt and non-NetEnt products. NetEnt limits include overall loss and bet limits per session/day/week/month, session length, bet limit for a specific game and maximum single bet by game.
  • Reality Checks: When the NetEnt casino solution is configured, additional measures can be put in place to regularly remind players how long they have been playing, and how much they have won or lost. The Reality check feature displays a periodic in-game notification to real-money players during game play. Game play is suspended when the check is displayed, and only resumed once the player has acknowledged the message. This functionality is enabled by default in most jurisdictions.
  • Game Speed: To make game play safer NetEnt’s casino solution can be configured so that a certain amount of time (typically 3 seconds) must pass between two game rounds. With this configuration the game quick spin functionality is not enabled.
  • Visible Clock: NetEnt’s games feature support for time displays that makes it easier for players to maintain a correct sense of time.

Player information

Prevention and Treatment Research

Research into the prevention and treatment is critical to build knowledge that can guide the industry in prevention and treatment strategies. NetEnt is committed to donating to research into the prevention and treatment of problem gambling, public education on the risks of gambling and how to gamble safely and the identification and treatment of problem gamblers. Currently NetEnt is a financial supporter of GambleAware and Gambling therapy.