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Back office
Transaction management system for the casino.

Any form of wager or real-money at stake.

Betting limits
Minimum and maximum wagers that a player can make at any one time.

Bonus function
Slot games often have some type of bonus function or feature. Different versions of bonus functions can include scatters, wilds and similar, but also bonus courses where the chances of winning are
better than in the basic game.

Bonus round
The bonus round in slot games is when the player moves up from the basic game to a bonus course which involves free spins, multipliers and other functions that often increase the chance of higher wins.

Branded games
Means casino games that use content licensed from a third party and on which a royalty or license fee is paid by NetEnt.


Casino games
Overarching term for the category of games played for money, including slots and table games.

Casino games catalogue
List, or catalogue, of NetEnt’s games that are available in a certain jurisdiction or regulated market.

Casino lobby
Page within the licensee’s gaming site showing the casino games that are available on the operator’s site.

The brand name of NetEnt’s casino system, which includes a set of games based on a technical platform.

Casino result
Casino result is calculated as player bets, minus player wins, minus player compensation, minus regulated market gaming tax.

Disks used to denote values in place of real or play money, giving a visual representation of a bet in card games such as roulette.

Commercial go-live
The date when NetEnt’s games and gaming system are launched commercially at a customer, i.e. the games become available to players for real money play on a gaming operator’s site.

In slots games, credits are used instead of visualizing bets. Also called betting units.

The French word for dealer, often used in table games such as roulette and blackjack. Live casino with real dealers is broadcast in real time from NetEnt’s studio in

Customer support
Function at NetEnt that assists licensees with incidents and problems.


Data center
Server hall or similar where NetEnt physically handles the customer’s transactions.

When the dealer distributes cards to players in a card game such as blackjack or poker.

Often used in table games such as roulette and blackjack. Live casino with real dealers is broadcast in real time from NetEnt’s studio
in Malta.

Desktop games
Commercial term to describe all casino games that are available to players on their desktop PC or Mac (including laptops).

A cash payment, usually made online, to credit a gaming account with funds to play.


Expanding symbol
In slots games, this is a symbol that expands to fill the reel.


Feature round
In slots games, this is a special round that may include free spins, interactive games and/or the opportunity to win additional prizes.

A multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, browser games and so-called Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Free Spins
In slot games, ‘Free Spins’ refers to a bonus feature in which the player triggers a number of free spins in-game. These free spins are still considered part of one game round (the game round which triggered the Free Spins feature).


Gaming authority
The authority responsible for regulation of the gaming market in a jurisdiction.

Game type
Term used to describe the genre of a casino game, such as Live Casino, video slot, table games etc.

Gaming system
The NetEnt CasinoModule™ is a gaming system. The gaming system is integrated with the licensee’s system/platform.

Game win
Player bets minus player wins.

General Availability (GA) Date
Date when NetEnt releases a new game, product, function or service to all its customers simultaneously.

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)
Also called Game Yield. Industry-wide definition, generally the same as the gross game win. Calculated as player bets minus player wins, minus player compensations
and bonuses.


The cards dealt to a player in a card game such as blackjack, after the cards have been shuffled by the dealer.

Hosting fee
Fixed monthly hosting fee invoiced to licensees covering customer support, IT service management, incident handling, problem handling, hosting charges and

Hosting center
Same as data center. Physical entity where the licensee’s CasinoModule ™ is hosted by NetEnt.

Abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. Standard markup language used to create web pages. Web pages are generally written in HTML and
transferred over the Internet with HTTP.

This is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. Since 2015, all NetEnt games are developed in HTML 5.


Integration is the term for the activities and tasks that take place to connect the licensee’s account platform with the NetEnt CasinoModule™ so that games
can be launched.


A limited geographical area or specific area of responsibility with authority for the administration of justice. Used to describe the regulated markets where NetEnt has


Land-based casino
All casinos that are not online. Also known as offline casinos.

Live casino
Game type which means a casino game with real dealers, broadcast over videolink in real time from a gaming studio, such as roulette and blackjack.

Live Common Draw Blackjack
Live Common Draw Blackjack is a type of Live Casino Blackjack game where many players can participate simultaneously, unlike traditional blackjack which permits
a maximum of seven players.

Local jackpot
A local jackpot for one operator in one jurisdiction.


Maximum bet
The largest wager permitted in a casino game such as roulette or blackjack.

The ability to enjoy our games on various platforms, such as desktop, tablets, mobile and land-based gaming machines.

This allows a player to play in real-time with other players seated at the same table. Available for our Live Casino games only. It is not available for our RNG games.

In slots, this refers to a feature where payouts can be multiplied up to a certain amount of times.


Net gaming revenue
Industry-wide definition, same as net game win. Calculated as player bets minus wins, minus bonus costs, minus regulated market tax.


Online casino supplier
Subcontractor to the gaming operator/online casino. NetEnt is an online casino supplier.

Online casino operator
Term for NetEnt’s customers – gaming companies – which in turn offer casino games to consumers. They often also provide other types of games, such as betting and poker. They are usually referred to as an online casino, one of them being our customer ComeOn.


See under payout. The percentage of bets returned to players from a specific game – on average and over time.

In slots games, these are the lines on which winning symbols must land in order to win.

Also known as payback and RTP. The percentage of bets returned to players from a slots game – on average and over time.

This describes the possible combinations and values of winning symbols and what the wild, scatter and other symbols mean in each casino game.

The gaming operator’s customers. End-consumers of NetEnt’s games.

Pooled jackpots
A larger jackpot that is pooled from several operators through the same game.

Professional services
NetEnt can provide additional services to its customers such as extra integration services/migrations/consolidations, game client brandings, business intelligence,
marketing services including planning, web banner creation and poster design and training.

Progressive jackpot
A fixed amount from each wager will go towards the progressive jackpot, which will continue to build until it is won.

Progressive slots
These games are linked and they pool a jackpot prize.


Random Number Generator (RNG)
A computational algorithm designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that is entirely random. Slot games are also known as RNG games.

Return to Player (RTP)
Also known as payback and payout. The percentage of bets returned to players from a specific game – on average and over time.

Licensee fees that are calculated as part of the customer’s revenues from NetEnt’s games.

In slots, a reel refers to one of the columns on which players try to hit certain symbols or prizes. Often five reels that look like columns.

NetEnt’s customers pay royalties to NetEnt on a monthly basis. These are calculated as a percentage of the casino result in NetEnt’s games after deduction of
regulated market tax.


Symbols in a slots game. Three of these symbols are often needed to unlock a bonus round, win free spins or similar. Scatters rarely need to appear on any specific line
to generate a win.

Refers to a bet in a slot game. The player presses the spin button to spin the reel once.

System integration fee
Upfront fees received from licensees to cover the costs of hardware investment and integration/testing before the launch of NetEnt’s games.

In slot games, a symbol refers to an icon or value on the reel.


Video slots or classic slots
Terms used to describe NetEnt’s main product, slot games.


Another word for a bet.

In slot games, wilds are symbols that will substitute for winning symbols if they land on a payline, helping players to enhance their
wins. However, these rarely substitute for scatter or bonus symbols.