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Hiring FAQ

Hiring FAQ – Candidates

Hello NetEnt, I am really interested in you as an Employer and I have a few questions?

A lot of people are reaching out to us with similar requests. We thought it might be a good idea to collect some of the most frequent questions and answers.

What does the recruitment process look like?

After we have reviewed your application and if we like it, we will reach out to you. For some positions we conduct a work assessment and/or personality tests. During the follow-ups you will meet your future manager, and some of your future team members. We also conduct background checks credit check and criminal background check) on all final candidates due to compliance reasons.

What kind of documents should I upload?

We would like to see what you have done before, so basically your work experience and education. If that is shown best in a resume, a portfolio, a LinkedIn profile or other document is up to you. A Cover Letter describing why you’d like to work for NetEnt would also be really appreciated.

Which languages are required?

Unless stated otherwise, English is our corporate language. We cool?

Is it possible to send my application via e-mail?

Unfortunately, no. In order for all of us working with recruitment at NetEnt to have access to your application, we need you to apply by using the form on our career site.

Can I apply for several positions?

Absolutely! Just remember to explain why you’re interested in the various job openings and how they would match your competencies and background.

After applying, when do you get back to me?

Our goal is to give feedback to your application as soon as possible.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, definitely! We are extremely careful with all sensitive data and personal details. Plus, you can find our Recrutiment Privacy Policy here.

What about international applicants? Is it possible to relocate?

We believe that diversity is a key ingredient for success, so we welcome all nationalities and cultures. We are happy to help you relocate! For more information about relocating, please visit this page.

Hey! There was an open position on your career page but now it has disappeared? ¿Qué pasa?

We’re sorry but if a position is no longer visible on the career site it most likely means that it has been filled.

What if I have questions regarding a specific position?

Please feel free to visit our Contact Us page for all our contact information and to e-mail your questions regarding a position.

Just wondering, can I work from another NetEnt office than stated in the ad?

Unless stated otherwise, it is not possible to work from another NetEnt office.

Wow! There is a really interesting position, but would it be possible to work off-site?

Unfortunately, no. We are always looking for on-site employees, unless stated otherwise.

What if I see a really interesting position but I want to apply for it as a consultant? Is that possible?

We’re sorry again, but no. We are always looking for full-time employees, unless stated otherwise.

Hiring FAQ – external support

Hello NetEnt, I represent a company and we would like to discuss a collaboration!

A lot of people and companies reach out to us with similar requests. We thought it might be a good idea to collect some of the most frequent questions and answers.

I represent a recruitment agency and would like to help NetEnt find candidates – what do I do?

Thank you for reaching out to us! We have a few strategic partnerships in the recruitment area that we are happy with and right now, we have no plans to increase our network of partners.

I see that you have a lot of open positions and I can help you provide candidates?

Thank you for reaching out to us at NetEnt! It’s good to know though that we are daily approached with the same request. The job ads are there to reach new candidates, not to attract external service requests. Thanks for your understanding!

What if I represent a candidate who is interested in NetEnt?

As for today, we don’t work with agents as we are strong believers of long-term partnerships and established commitments between our partners and NetEnt. We don’t accept any external vendors/companies to represent NetEnt without a valid agreement.

What if I represent a sourcing company and we would like to offer an offshore partnership?

Thanks for contacting NetEnt. Currently though, we´re in no need of this kind of service.

What if I represent a consultant agency OR I am an independent contractor and would like to offer services to NetEnt?

Thank you for reaching out. We don’t work with master service agreements. All our contractor requests are available at the open market. You can reach us via and we will advise you how to get information about the openings.

OK, thank you for the information, but how do you source new partnerships when needed and what can I do to become a NetEnt partner?

We do source new partners from time to time. One thing that we truly believe in is sourcing through references. If you are doing a good job within our different areas of interest, we might be the ones reaching out to you. Another way is to send us information about your expertise and describe why you would be a suitable partner to NetEnt. We will save your information and get back to you if we see a possible collaboration in the future. You can reach us via