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Nominating Committee

In accordance with the decision by the Annual General Meeting, the members of the nominating committee of NetEnt should be appointed by the three shareholders/owner groups controlling the largest number of votes in NetEnt at the end of August, which desire to appoint a representative. In addition, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be a member of the nominating Committee. The nominating committee ahead of the Annual General Meeting in April 2018 consists of the following members:

  • John Wattin, Chairman (appointed by the Hamberg family)
  • Christoffer Lundström (appointed by the Lundström family)
  • Fredrik Carlsson (appointed by the Knutsson family)
  • Vigo Carlund (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Shareholders can submit proposals to the nominating committee until February 1st, 2018 at: Nominating Committee, NetEnt AB, Vasagatan 16, SE-111 20 Stockholm, Sweden or to