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Interim Reports

April 2020

Interim report January–March 2020

Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO  “To further strengthen competitiveness and increase efficiency, we initiated a full integration with Red Tiger during the quarter. Red Tiger keeps performing ab... Continue reading

February 2020

October 2019

Interim report January – September 2019

  Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO “The most significant event of the quarter was the strategically important acquisition of Red Tiger. The two companies complement one another well, both i... Continue reading

July 2019

Interim report January – June 2019

Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO “The weak development in the Nordic countries continued in the second quarter, particularly in Sweden, where we have seen fewer players and lower ARPU since the n... Continue reading

April 2019

Interim report January–March 2019

Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO “In the first quarter, we continued to focus on improvements throughout the organization. The operating margin (EBIT) was 30.2 percent. It is difficult to predict th... Continue reading

February 2019

October 2018

Interim report January – September 2018

Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO “The third quarter was marked by a strong start thanks to the successful release of the game Jumanji. We continue to make efforts to lower overhead costs and to o... Continue reading

July 2018

Interim report January – June 2018

Quote from Therese Hillman, Group CEO ”During the quarter, we came up with a plan and started taking action in several areas to strengthen our customer offering, cut lead times, and free up resources f... Continue reading

April 2018

Interim report January–March 2018

Quote from Therese Hillman, Acting President and CEO ”While NetEnt continues to focus on growth, measures were initiated in March to enable margin expansion going forward. Among other things, the Company i... Continue reading

February 2018

October 2017

Interim report January – September 2017

Quote from Per Eriksson, President and CEO - ”The third quarter was another solid quarter for NetEnt. Revenues increased by 12 percent and the operating margin was significantly better than in the third q... Continue reading

April 2017

Interim report January–March 2017

”We continued to deliver on our growth strategy in the first quarter and revenues increased in line with our earlier comments about the quarter. For the first time, NetEnt’s games were launched on the... Continue reading

February 2017

October 2016

Interim report January – September 2016

Quote from Per Eriksson, President and CEO - ”NetEnt’s growth strategy keeps delivering results – we grow on new markets, with new products and with more customers. During the quarter we launched our g... Continue reading

July 2016

Interim report January – June 2016

Quote from Per Eriksson, President and CEO. -”The second quarter featured strong demand for our products and strong growth. Revenues increased by 30 percent and operating profit rose by 32 percent. The o... Continue reading