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The Board of Directors is elected by the shareholders at the AGM with a mandate period from the AGM until the end of the next AGM. The Board of Directors manages the shareholders’ interests by establishing goals and strategies for the business, evaluating the operational management, and securing systems for monitoring and control of established goals. It is also the task of the Board of Directors to ensure that there is sufficient control over the company’s compliance with laws and other rules that apply to the company’s business, that the necessary ethical guidelines are established for the company’s conduct, and to ensure that the company’s communications are open, as well as accurate, relevant, and reliable.

Between AGMs, the Board of Directors is the company’s highest governing body. According to the articles of association, NetEnt’s Board of Directors shall consist of three to nine members and no deputies. The AGM decides the exact number of members. The members of the Board of Directors shall devote their time and attention to NetEnt, and acquire the necessary knowledge to defend the company and its shareholders.

The evaluation of the members of the Board of Directors’ independence is based on the Code’s rules, which apply from 1 February 2010.