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First Episode

The Booking

Four out of our 900 colleagues were chosen to be on our Mountain Team. Tomas, one of NetEnt’s art directors and Averil, trainer at our live casino, are both on the team, they just don’t know it yet. Let’s see if we can surprise them…

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Ok, so here’s the deal: We’ve created The Challenge to let everyone know what it’s like to work at NetEnt. We want you to know more about our culture and the gaming industry, so we thought an employee web series would be a pretty cool idea. Oh, did we mention it takes place in the Alps? Four of our colleagues put our culture and values to the test by climbing a very high mountain – with no experience. Sounds crazy? See for yourself! Who knows, if you’re looking for Better Mondays, our culture may be just right for you!

Work With Us
Episode 02

The Film Director

Time to complete the Mountain Team! Dhiraj, one of our developers, and mathematician Alice are about to find out they're the final team members…

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Episode 03

The Climbing Guide

Tomas, Averil, Dhiraj and Alice are all on board and the team is assembled! Now, there’s only one tiny detail left before they travel to the mountain – they all need to learn how to properly climb.

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Episode 04

The Innovators

To reach the top of the mountain, the team will have to work together. But how do you cultivate great teamwork?

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Episode 05

The Take Off

The day they’ve all been waiting for is finally here – it’s time to travel to the mountain! The mountain guides are waiting for the team as their adventure finally begins and the plane takes off. Everyone is packed and ready to go, but are they as prepared as they think?

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Episode 06

The Point Of No Return

Given some last-minute preparations from the mountain guides, the team members are feeling both anxious and excited. The reality of The Challenge is dawning on them…

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Episode 07

The Climb

This is it. After some pep-talk from their colleagues back home, the team begins to climb the mountain. The peak is far away and some of the team members are struggling…

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Episode 08

The Peak

The team is about to reach the steepest part of the climb. Loose rocks, slippery snow, and risk for avalanches – will they reach the peak and conquer The Challenge?

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