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Changed number of shares in Net Entertainment NE AB

According to the Securities Market Act (2007:518) and/or Financial Instruments
Trading Act (1991:980) Swedish companies which shares are traded on a regulated
market are required to publish any changes in the number of shares and/or
changes in the number of votes.

As decided on the Annual General Meeting 2011 regarding incentive program
2011-2014, owners of share option rights are entitled to subscribe to the
equivalent number of class B shares in Net Entertainment NE AB (publ) between
August 1 – October 1 2014. Some of the holders of the share option rights have
this far used this right.

As a result of this subscription the number of shares in Net Entertainment NE
AB has increased by 335,000 class B shares. After the increase the total number
of shares amounted to 39,888,716 of which 5,610,000 A shares and 34,278,716 B
shares, corresponding to a total of 90,378,716 votes.

The share capital amounted to SEK 1,200,650.3516 after the increase of the
number of shares.

For additional information please contact:

Maria Hedengren, CFO Net Entertainment NE AB, Phone: +46 70 9 12 45 25,

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