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Interim report January – June 2012

Revenues reached all time high

Second quarter 2012

— Revenues for the second quarter increased by 32.2 % to SEK 132.0 (99.9)
— Operating profit amounted to SEK 39.6 (27.2) million
— Operating margin was 30.0 (27.2) %
— Profit after tax amounted to SEK 36.7 (25.1) million
— Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.93 (0.64) before and after dilution
— Five new license agreements were signed and four new customers’ casinos
were launched

First six months 2012

— Revenues for the first six months increased by 33.0 % to SEK 259,5 (195.1)
— Operating profit amounted to SEK 79.7 (53.5) million
— Operating margin was 30.7 (27.4) %
— Profit after tax amounted to SEK 71.4 (48.0) million
— Earnings per share amounted to SEK 1.80 (1.21) before and after dilution
— Ten new license agreements were signed and eight new customers’ casinos
were launched

Important events in the second quarter

Revenues increased by 32 percent in the second quarter compared to the second
quarter 2011. The increase is mainly derived from increased volumes which are
primarily driven by existing customers’ growth and new customer agreements
signed. The amount of set-up fees for the quarter also contributed positively
to the revenue increase.

The Italian market continued to contribute positively to the company’s revenues
during the second quarter. The Italian gaming authority AAMS has announced that
slot games online will be allowed in Italy from December 2012.

The number of game transactions amounted to 2.9 billion in the second quarter
which is a decrease of approximately 3 percent compared to previous quarter.
The decrease is a result from seasonal variations as the summer months
traditionally have a lower activity level in combination with exceptionally
high activity from two games in the first quarter that have now normalized.
However, the average bet level during the quarter increased which affected
revenues positively. The game transactions increased by approximately 53
percent compared to the same period 2011.

During the second quarter Net Entertainment signed agreements with five new
customers. Two agreements were also signed with existing customers for the
Danish market and one agreement for the Italian market.

During the second quarter, development continued on the mobile platform in
order to be compatible with android units. This work has progressed well and
two customers were initially launched for delivery of NetEnt Touch™ via

During the second quarter was launched for delivery of Net
Entertainment’s casino in Italy.

Comments from Per Eriksson, President and CEO

Net Entertainment continued to show a solid development during the second
quarter. Revenues increased by 32.2 percent and operating profit increased by
46.0 percent compared to the same period last year. Increased volumes with
existing customers was the main reason for the revenue increase in combination
with set up fees from five new customer agreements, mobile games and agreements
with existing customers on regulated markets.

In order to give the company additional prerequisites to act swift and
effectively on a dynamic market a reorganization was carried out during the
second quarter. The purpose of the changes was primarily to make the decision
making process more effective through a flatter organizational hierarchy and
meant that certain management positions were eliminated, such as the CTO. The
reorganization resulted in non recurring costs of SEK 2.5 million in the second

Several strategic projects are currently ongoing in Net Entertainment, such as
Live Casino, the entry on the UK market and establishment on regulated markets.
These projects have not yet started to generate any new revenues to the
company, or have not yet reached the full potential, such as in Italy, but are
expected to generate significant value for Net Entertainment in the future. As
these projects are completed the investments will in certain cases decrease
while other projects will require further development to maintain
competitiveness. In addition, Net Entertainment will continue to invest as new
opportunities arise and we believe that the investments will develop
approximately in-line with current levels with the exception of seasonal
effects, at least throughout 2012. As the company grows and various authorities
imposes new requirements on the company’s products and operations in
conjunction with regulation the need to further develop Net Entertainments
processes, systems and organization remains and we do not currently see a
decrease in the need to recruit personnel to the company in general. In
addition, we have initiated recruitment of studio personnel for Live Casino
where a number of personnel will commence their employment during the third and
fourth quarter.

The launch of mobile games has been successful and we see a strong growth
within this area, however from low levels as launch took place in December
2011. There is a high interest on the market and the company has signed a total
of 17 contracts since launch, of which eleven are live. During the quarter,
development of mobile games for android units continued and we have now
launched two customers.

The Italian market has continued to perform positively and the Italian gaming
authority AAMS has announced that slot games online will be allowed in Italy
from December 2012. Net Entertainment will initially launch a selection of slot
games when the market opens.

For additional information please contact;

Per Eriksson, CEO Net Entertainment; Phone +46 8 57 85 45 00

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