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The Stockholm Stock Exchange listing committee has approved Net Entertainment
NE AB for listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. First day of trading will be January
13th 2009.

The listing means that the trading in B-shares is moved from the marketplace
NGM Equity to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. First day of trading is January 13th 2009.
The listing of Net Entertainments B-share on NGM Equity thereby ceases and last
day of trading on NGM Equity is on January 12th 2009. The Company’s
shareholders do not have to take any action in connection with the listing on
NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. No issue of new shares is taking place in connection with
the listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The share will be traded under the same
short name as before; NET B, ISIN-code SE00 0108 9252.

“Net Entertainment has during the last five years showed a strong growth rate
and rising profitability. The listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm constitutes a
quality stamp and is implemented to further improve the brand and Net
Entertainments position among customers, coworkers, investors and media as well
as improve the possibility to use the share as payment in connection with
potential acquisitions” says Johan Öhman, President and CEO of Net

A listing document (in Swedish only) will be available December 22nd 2008 at
9.00 am at the company website; and In the listing document the following financial goals for
Net Entertainment are included which has not yet been publicized:

The market for online based gaming in Europe is expected to grow with more than
20 percent in average during the next years. Net Entertainments financial goal
is to grow more than the market with a sustainable operating margin exceeding
30 percent.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag that has
acted as financial advisor in connection with the listing process for a well
executed work.

Net Entertainment develops digitally distributed systems for Internet gaming.
The core product, CasinoModule™, is a complete gaming platform that comprises
of a high number of browser based games as well as a powerful administration
tool. Customers are offered a system solution that is adapted to each customer
and is easily integrated with their existing websites. Net Entertainment
licenses the CasinoModule™ on a royalty basis based on the revenues the product
generates. Net Entertainment is listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NET-B).
More information about Net Entertainment is available on

For more information please contact;
Johan Öhman, CEO Net Entertainment; Phone +46 8 55 69 67 05, Cell; +46 70 486
77 15,