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In accordance with the principles resolved by the Annual General Meeting 2008
for appointment of election committee, Per Hamberg (the Kling and Hamberg
families) and Martin Larsson (the Eriksson, Lundström and Knutsson families as
well as Thomas Olausson and himself) have been appointed to, together with the
Chairman of the Board of Directors Rolf Blom, form nominating committee for the
Annual General Meeting 2009.

Shareholders can submit proposals to the nominating committee at: Nominating
Committee, Net Entertainment NE AB, Birger Jarlsgatan 57B, S-113 56 Stockholm,
Sweden and The nominating committee’s proposal will be
published at the latest in connection with the notice for the Annual General
Meeting. The term of office of the nominating committee runs until a new
nominating committee has been appointed in accordance with the resolution on
appointment of the nominating committee by the Annual General Meeting 2009.

Net Entertainment develops digitally distributed systems for Internet gaming.
The core product, CasinoModule™, is a complete gaming platform that comprises a
high number of browser based games as well as a powerful administration tool.
Customers are offered a system solution that is adapted to each customer and is
easily integrated with their existing websites. Net Entertainment licenses the
CasinoModule™ on a royalty basis based on the revenues the product generates.
Net Entertainment is listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NET-B). More
information about Net Entertainment is available on

For more information please contact;
Johan Öhman, CEO Net Entertainment; Phone +46 8 55 69 67 00, Cell; +46 704 86
77 15,