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Player Data Protection Schedule (EU)

The purpose of this schedule is to in a transparent manner describe how NetEnt is processing Player Data provided by the Operator.

NetEnt will at all time make sure that data belonging to an Individual is securely managed and in line with GDPR and other laws and regulations.
In NetEnt interpretation of GDPR we have put in substantial effort in making sure that systems are secure and that developing or changing of a system or process is reviewed by an appointed GDPR Compliance Officer.

NetEnt is mainly a Processor, and in order to conduct business NetEnt saves Personal Data, e.g. transaction ultimately generated by a player, tunnelled to NetEnt from the Controller (Operator).
The data is used to:

  1. Support authorities to detect potential money laundry
  2. Support the operator in detecting fraud
  3. Uphold license requirement in respectively jurisdiction by analysing data in case of errors in the system
  4. Being foundation for accounting according to respective jurisdiction implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1606/2002. NetEnt is a public company and also governed by market rules. These rules states that accounting information must be saved for 7 years for any company listed on any market place in EU.
  5. Fulfil contract with the operator and to some extent with the player in order to build attractive but still not addictive new games.