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The number of shares in Net Entertainment NE AB after automatic redemption of shares

The redemption process was initiated with a share split 2:1 after which half of
the shares in each share class were so-called redemption shares. All of these
redemption shares were redeemed in May for 2.00 SEK per share. The number of
outstanding shares and votes are now the same as before the redemption process

This is information that Net Entertainment NE AB must publish according to laws
governing trading in financial instrument.

For additional information please contact;

Per Eriksson, President and CEO, Net Entertainment NE AB; Phone +46 8 57 85 45

About Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is a premium supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems
used by some of the world’s most successful online gaming operators. The Net
Entertainment casino is a complete gaming solution comprising both a complete
management platform and a full suite of high quality games. Operators are
provided a customized casino that is easily integrated ensuring short time to
market and a cost efficient operation. Net Entertainment is listed on Nasdaq
OMX Stockholm (NET-B). More information about Net Entertainment is available at